Ohio Product Liability Cases

Consumers purchase and use products with the expectation that the product will perform its intended function in a safe manner. Given government and industry standards, this is a reasonable expectation. Despite efforts to protect consumers, however, people are still injured by dangerous products every day.

Products Liability Law

Products liability law addresses issues of fault, quality control, marketing, design, and other matters. Mellino Law Firm specializes in claims involving:

  • Automobile parts – including electric seats, brakes, cup holders for hot beverages and factors involving the “crashworthiness” of a vehicle.
  • Household products – including children’s toys, ladders, handsaws, and kitchen appliances.
  • Medical devices – including oxygen tanks, stitches, heart stents, and suture materials.

If  you have questions about a defective product or an injury, attorney Chris Mellino welcomes you to contact our Cleveland office for a free consultation.