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How to Investigate and Obtain Evidence of Birth Trauma

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Birth trauma injuries account for a percentage of infant deaths and still births. Additionally birth trauma can cause significant developmental delays and both physical and mental disabilities. Overall, this kind of injury may affect six to eight live births per thousand. Some births are riskier than others, for example, larger babies have a higher risk, with considerably more injuries reported for infants who weight close to ten pounds than those of average weight.

Of course, there are also other risks that could make an injury before, during, or after delivery more likely to happen. However any labor places the baby under stress and if not monitored and treated appropriately can result in birth injuries from a lack of oxygen during labor. Medical professionals should always account for these risks and take steps to avoid injuries. While some birth trauma cases still have favorable long-term outcomes, others can lead to lifetime medical problems.

Investigating and Obtaining Evidence of Liability for Birth Trauma

The most alarming statistic reported is that nearly half of birth trauma injuries might have been preventable if medical caregivers had recognized certain risks and taken action to prevent or minimize them.

To investigate these kinds of cases, it’s important to recognize certain risks that delivery personal might have neglected to account for:

  • Very large infants
  • Prolonged labor
  • Drops in the baby’s heart rate called decelerations
  • Excessive contractions
  • Prolonged or use of high doses of Pitocin
  • Deliveries with forceps or vacuum
  • Breech deliveries
  • Excessive delivery traction

In addition, some injuries could occur right after birth, during resuscitation procedures. While injuries might occur after the even the most careful and professional delivery, some birth trauma might also become aggravated because the baby wasn’t evaluated and monitored properly after birth.

If doctors realize that the delivery resulted in an injury, they can promptly treat the issue in order to speed recovery and reduce the chance of long-term problems. If they fail to diagnose the injury, improper care might result in making the situation worse.

How to Know if Birth Trauma Was Caused by Medical Mistakes

It’s difficult for typical parents to know if their own baby’s injuries were unavoidable or caused by some decision that a medical provider made or should have made. In the case of birth trauma, it’s important for the infant’s family to seek professional guidance as quickly as possible about the legal merits of their case.

An experienced law firm will have access to both legal and medical professionals who can gather evidence and determine if birth trauma was caused by an avoidable error.

At Mellino Law Firm, LLC, we have 30 years of experience investing and obtaining evidence of personal injury cases that result from medical errors. In any case, we would like to invite you to call us for a free, legal consultation. To get started, simply call us at (440) 276-3535 to schedule an appointment. Once we learn about your situation, we will offer you guidance that is based upon our professional opinions and research into your unique situation.


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