I found everybody there to be extremely professional and very caring and very friendly, and I was particularly impressed by the expertise of Chris Mellino. He did excellent work, and was entirely realistic about our chances. I saw him interacting with the lawyers on the other side, who were definitely not pushovers, and I was very impressed by the way he conducted himself.

A number of people told me that I shouldn’t choose a small firm – that I should look for a bigger firm to take on [such a big hospital system] and, in fact, I was extremely happy with Mellino Law and the way they handled things. It was clear – and, again, I have a law background – they were handling things exceptionally well.

I think I was a real pain as a client because I always wanted to know what was going on. Not that I was rushing him, but I wanted to know what was happening – because my legal background is not in malpractice – and I was curious about it all. Chris was extremely patient and always explained things very, very clearly.

I really can’t say enough good things about that group of people.

– Lisa L.

My mom passed away at [_____] hospital due to septic shock from a kidney stone and a urinary tract infection. The doctor performing the surgery failed to give her an antibiotic before surgery.
She developed septic shock at [_____] hospital, and they rushed her to [_____] hospital in Cleveland, and she passed way 15 hours later.

I thought there was something odd about that, and I didn’t know anything about this staghorn kidney stone until I read her death certificate. At that point, I thought something didn’t make sense, so I contacted Chris Mellino, who did some research for me. He is very, very good. Always returned my calls, answered all my questions. The staff was wonderful, and we won our case. It didn’t bring my mom back, but I got justice for my mom.

– Cathy S.

Our family was extremely fortunate to have Mellino Law represent us. Chris and his staff worked tirelessly to make sure justice was served. The compassion they showed helped our family find some solace in this tragic event. We truly appreciated the honesty Chris used throughout this process. His knowledge and professionalism are second to none. It is very rare to find an attorney with as much flexibility as Chris. He and his staff went out of their way to make sure our meetings were convenient (Judy even met me at my job). In short, they took something very complex and turned it into a simple, seamless process. They allowed my family to grieve and offered an ear to listen. They made it their number one priority to truly understand whom my father was, no matter how many people they had to talk to.

To Chris, Judy, and Mike:

Your kindness, understanding, and immense compassion truly helped our family get through this terrible event. Your willingness to know each of us in a personal way created a warm, pleasant environment.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
The Wadas Family

My family and I were very pleased to be represented by Mellino Law. They are extremely professional, experienced and conscientious. But, most of all, the entire staff is very caring, compassionate, understanding, and wonderful people, and that is what you need when you have suffered the loss of a very precious loved one. At the time that I hired the firm to represent my family, I was literally in a state of depression. Mellino Law showed me that they not only cared about our case, but they actually really and truly cared about me and my family. I appreciate everything that they did for us and I want to say thank you and God bless you.

Jewell Renee Showers

Dear Chris,

Richard and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for us through the ordeal of the trial. You knew we were afraid, and you guided us through the process from beginning to end. You were always available to answer any concerns that we had. During the trial, your expertise, knowledge, and professionalism made you stand out in our eyes as “the best” lawyer out there.

Again, Rich and I thank you and would highly recommend you. You are “The Best.”

God bless you,
Rita and Rich Radovanic